Annual Cup

The Annual Cup
The Annual Cup

The Annual Cup is Hampton Street Football Club’s most prestigious prize.

First contested in 2008, The Annual Cup is played between Hampton St FC’s ‘Originals’ and the ‘New Boys.’

The official name of the cup awarded to the winner of the match is called ‘The Annual Inter-Cub Cup.’

The Originals, led by Hampton St captain Grant Rowley, include a core group of men who played in the club’s first seasons.

To be eligible to play for the Originals, you must have played in the club’s formative years, or have a family relation to an Original player.

The New Boys are made up of any player who has competed for the Hampton Street Football Club.

To be eligible to play for the New Boys, you must have played some form of Hampton St FC football.

Four games have been played, with both teams winning two games a pieces.

See below for details of each The Annual Cup matches.

GAME 1, October 17, 2008
Oakleigh Indoor Sports Centre, Oakleigh
New Boys 4 def Originals 3

GAME 2, April 7, 2011
Wesley College, South Yarra
Originals 9 def New Boys 6

GAME 3, November 8, 2011
Albert Park Pits, Albert Pits
New Boys 8 def Originals 3

GAME 4, June 15, 2012
Albert Park Pits, Albert Pits
Originals 7 def New Boys 4

STATISTICS – Games played and goals scored

Grant Rowley (Original)461311
Phil Howarth (Original)4431
Matt Howarth (Original)4
Daniel Jordan (Original)39DNP315
Adrian Randall (New)361DNP23
Phil Mahoney (New)3422DNP
Mitchell Adam (New)3DNP
Cedric Dufour (New)26DNP33DNP
Tom Shaw (New)23DNPDNP3DNP
Pat Howarth (Original)21DNPDNP1
Mike Berry (Original)211DNPDNP
Andrew van Leeuwen (New)2DNPDNP
Nick Shaw (New)2DNPDNP
Alan Mahoney (New)111DNPDNPDNP
Brett Sandars (Original)111DNPDNPDNP
Phil Robotis (New)11DNP1DNPDNP
Andy Collins (New)11DNPDNPDNP1
Peter Ryan (New)1DNPDNPDNP
Chris Jordan (Original)1DNPDNPDNP
Elliot Hutchison (New)1DNPDNPDNP
Chris Brett (New)1DNPDNPDNP