Cooler Cup

The Caroline Cooler Cup logo
The Caroline Cooler Cup logo

The Caroline Cooler Cup is an annual futsal tournament, played on the morning of the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Cup got its ‘Caroline’ name from the Caroline Gardens in South Yarra where the first tournament was played in 2011. The second tournament was also held at the gardens until a disgruntled local halted the competition. The day is now held at Fawkner Park in Melbourne.

The ‘Cooler’ is the perpetual stainless steel wine cooler that is awarded to the winning team. The Cup is regarded as the second most prestigious award handed out in Melbourne that day!

Teams are made up of a maximum of five players, with only four allowed on the pitch at anytime.

The competition rules state that each team should be named after a ‘Victorian or Melbourne’ suburb or place, sporting a mascot of the captain’s choice.

Here is a list of teams that have contested the Caroline Cooler Cups.

South Yarra ArcadiansChampions4th4th
Frankston DeesRunner-upChampionsRunner-up4th
St Kilda Isotopes3rd
Carlton CocksRunner-up5thRunner-up
Highett Howarths3rdChampions5th
Carnegie Crabs3rd
Frankston South City3rd
St Kilda East EaglesChampions

2011 Caroline Cooler Cup video

The inaugural Caroline Cooler Cup was held on October 1, 2011. It was a round-robin tournament – played between the South Yarra Arcadians, the Frankston Dees and the St Kilda Isotopes in Caroline Gardens, South Yarra.

2012 Caroline Cooler Cup video

The second Caroline Cooler Cup saw an expanded competition of four teams. Foundation clubs the South Yarra Arcadians and Frankston Dees remained, joined by two new squads, the Highett Howarths and the Carlton Cocks.

2013 Caroline Cooler Cup

The 2013 edition of the Caroline Cooler Cup was played on Saturday, September 28 at Fawkner Park. In mixed conditions, the South Yarra Arcadians, Frankston Dees, Highett Howarths and Carlton Cocks returned, joined by new team Carnegie Crabs.

2014 Caroline Cooler Cup

The 2014 Caroline Cooler Cup was played between the Frankston Dees, the Highett Howarths, the Carlton Cocks and new teams Frankston South City and St Kilda East Eagles. Here are the highlights from Albert Park, Melbourne (September 27)

Any person or team interested in playing on the day should call Grant Rowley – 0438 198 047.

Caroline Cooler Cup statistics

Caroline Cooler Cup

PlayerGoalsAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
Tim Gibson172240.9113.6445.45
Grant Rowley82240.9113.6445.45
Andrew Howarth41833.3311.1155.56
PHil Howarth161833.3311.1155.56
Cedric Dufour131637.506.2556.25
Adam Beehre41573.3313.3313.33
Phil Mahoney41546.670.0053.33
Adam Rowley81428.5721.4350.00
Mark Walker01330.7715.3853.85
Eoin Black41346.1523.0830.77
Matt Howarth21258.3316.6725.00
Callum Howarth51233.3316.6750.00
Matthew Barker41190.910.009.09
Tom Shaw141145.4527.2727.27
Gerald Ami11181.820.0018.18
Chris Hutton11190.910.009.09
Tim Topali211190.910.009.09
Andrew Van Leeuwen29100.000.000.00
Pat Howarth1837.5025.0037.50
Andy Collins0825.0037.5037.50
Nick Shaw2825.0037.5037.50
Aidan Mullen3825.0037.5037.50
Steve Iannarelli5850.0025.0025.00
Andrew Strathan0728.5714.2957.14
John Raimondo0714.2942.8642.86
Kwame Ntim0650.000.0050.00
Parker McKenzie1650.000.0050.00
Mason Stockton0650.000.0050.00
Luke van Spankeren1650.000.0050.00
James Perry7650.000.0050.00
Brandon Mubaira1650.000.0050.00
Peter Ryan06100.000.000.00
Lachlan Inaps2650.000.0050.00
Daniel Colbeck1520.0020.0060.00
Aden Kerridge4520.000.0080.00
Mark Dawson1540.000.0060.00
Jay Hamilton4520.000.0080.00
Robert Battisti0520.000.0080.00
Simon Carr10540.000.0060.00
David Rowe2520.0020.0060.00
Cameron Butler0520.0020.0060.00
Josh MacLeod0540.000.0060.00
Ben Shannon2540.000.0060.00
Claudio Graf0540.0020.0040.00
Vincenzo Musico2540.0020.0040.00
Sebastien Dufour1540.0020.0040.00
Edvard Iversen8580.000.0020.00
Robin Gau2520.000.0080.00
Scott Missen1520.000.0080.00
Matt Ryan0540.000.0060.00
Peter Truscott0520.000.0080.00
James Fleming0540.0020.0040.00
Phil Robotis12560.000.0040.00
Nick Dean3520.0020.0060.00
Finlay Kerridge1540.0020.0040.00
Paul Bullock0520.0020.0060.00
Paul Grantham0520.0020.0060.00
Adrian Arriagada1520.000.0080.00
Rodrigo Alvarado0520.0020.0060.00
Julian De Lio7560.000.0040.00
Elliot Hutchison1540.0020.0040.00
Jose Goita340.000.00100.00
Tim Webber040.000.00100.00
Mike Oliver54100.000.000.00
Richard Harris0425.0050.0025.00
Andre Barilaro0425.000.0075.00
Ed Falkiner0475.000.0025.00
Harry Falkiner0475.000.0025.00
Tom McGrath0475.000.0025.00
Diego Viana3475.000.0025.00
John Bunge6475.000.0025.00
Cameron Neales6475.000.0025.00
Stefan Barthomolmaeus1450.000.0050.00
Dan Jordan0425.000.0075.00
Stephen Mullens4425.000.0075.00
Mitchell Adam020.000.00100.00
Chris Brett010.000.00100.00
Adnan Sahiti000.000.000.00
Peter Nouk000.000.000.00
Orien Humennyj-Jameson000.000.000.00
Evan Schneider000.000.000.00
Nathaniel Turner000.000.000.00
Jesse Papas000.000.000.00
Wesley Bucello000.000.000.00
Steven Campbell000.000.000.00
Evan Robotis000.000.000.00
Ruben Pandak000.000.000.00
Steve Callaghan000.000.000.00
Brendan Woodany000.000.000.00
Morgan Wyatt000.000.000.00
Jimmy Soufis000.000.000.00
Beau Newman000.000.000.00
Andres Santander000.000.000.00
Daniel Grecea000.000.000.00
Brett Lee000.000.000.00
Paul Taylor000.000.000.00
Pancho Sepulveda000.000.000.00
Ollie Willand000.000.000.00